South Korean Baseball Team Introduces Robot Fans (Video)


South Korea is a world leader in robot innovation. In 2010, the South Korean government introduced robot teaching assistants in schools, and two years later the country started using robots as prison guards as well. Pretty futuristic stuff.

Starting this year, a Korean baseball team will use robots in perhaps their most bizarre role yet: as sports fans. The Hanwha Eagles of the Korean Baseball Organization are debuting a cheering section of “Fanbots” this season, and the whole thing is just as strange as you’d expect.

Fans watching the game from home can write comments that will show up on boards the Fanbots hold up, which is pretty cool. What’s borderline creepy, though, is that fans can take selfies that show up on the robot’s face.

Check out this picture, courtesy of FTW. It looks like something out of the Matrix:

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The team made a slick little video introducing the Fanbots. Check it out and decide for yourselves where this falls on the cool—creepy spectrum:


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