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South Carolina Sports News Round-Up: Marcus Lattimore, Jadeveon Clowney and More

It is time to bring back our "Gamecocks Stock Report" to help keep up with what is ocurring within the sports program at the University of South Carolina.

Here goes our latest edition:


- Lattimore's Future --- Yeah it hurt to learn that he was going to do what we thought and that was "go pro" but it is the right choice for him.

- Clowney a All-American --- He is now the face of Gamecock football. He is a stud and we, the fans, are lucky to have him. It will be fun to watch him in 2013 plus how the media will "hype" him.

- Bowl Practice for the football team --- The bowl game is drawing closer and practice is taking place today. Thank god. We need more football.


---The Chace of Assistant Coaches Leaving - Shawn Elliott got us worried when App State courting him but now it seems the assistants will remain and not be pulled to other programs. I mean come on, why leave?


--- Really nothing to report here as a low-point of the USC sports program. We could say USC basketball but the season is still young and so is the squad.

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