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Is South Carolina Really Only the 13th Best College Basketball Team in the SEC?

First year USC basketball coach Frank Martin will have the South Carolina Gamecocks finish higher than 13th in the SEC for the 2012-2013 season. Mark our words that Coach Martin will have his boys surprise a few. Not saying they are NCAA bound but I don't think they finish next to last according to the SEC’s preseason media poll.

Here is the media’s preseason poll:

  1. Kentucky (17) 328
  2. Florida (5) 310
  3. Missouri (1) 286
  4. Tennessee (1) 269
  5. Arkansas 226
  6. Alabama 222
  7. Ole Miss 186
  8. Georgia 149
  9. Texas A&M 122
  10. Vanderbilt 120
  11. LSU 116
  12. Auburn 95
  13. South Carolina 54
  14. Mississippi State 37

Do you agree with this position or believe us when we say they will finish higher? I see more of a 11th or 10th finish due to solid defense.

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