South Carolina Loses Mike Matulis for Rest of the Season


Today, Steve Spurrier made it known that the USC football team will be without Mike Matulis for the rest of the year. This is a blow to the depth of the offensive line as Matulis had played both offensive tackle spots since the beginning of last season.

Spurrier revealed that it is a shoulder injury and will reuire another surgery, this one on the opposite shoulder that caused him to miss spring practices.

“He did the same thing to his other shoulder that he did last year,” Spurrier said. “I told him the other day, ‘You’ve got to start learning to block him like an offensive lineman instead of a wrestler.’ He has a little tendency to try to grab at them or something and gets his shoulder knocked back out of whack. Hopefully he can have successful surgery and start blocking with those hands a little bit more inside. That would help him.”

Again, this hurts the depth on the line and someone now will have to step up going forward. We wish Matulis the best in his recovery.

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