South Carolina Gamecocks July 2012 Sports Round-Up


Hello summer and hello heat. Also Happy Fourth of July to all Gamecock fans out there. 
It is a great time to provide our 'Gamecocks Stock Report' since it has been awhile since our last look at the USC sports program.

Here goes: 

USC Baseball...Really a amazing run by the Gamecocks baseball team as they defended their back-to-back national champiosnhips in a year that everyone doubted them. They seemed to run out of steam but as a fan of the program, you have to be proud.

Fast Gamecocks...former USC track star, Jason Richardson, made the Olympic team in the 110m hurdles. Awesome job and good luck. This is on top of a handful of USC track stars that made their mark and not to mention a swimmer in the mix too.

USC now under 60 days away now. We've enjoyed counting down the days since 100. Starting to get that itch and now it is not due to too much . Oh and did you check out this video to get you ready or our look at Mizzou?


USC baseball leadership in 2013....The Gamecocks were young in 2012 and now may be even younger. Junior Evan Marzilli has agreed to terms with the Diamondbacks and will forgo his final season at South Carolina. Both Matt Price and Christian Walker followed and signed with Balitmore. Also junior college transfer, Tanner Lovick, is no longer a part of the South Carolina baseball program. He was a infielder in 2012 but did not contribute really. Still he is gone. Seems the young guys like Tanner English and L.B. Dantlzer are going to have to continue the traditions.

USC AD...Eric Hyman called it quits. Now time for a search. A little surprised by his departure but with family and a upcoming grandkid in Texas, not shocked.
 He is our look at the candidates.


Football arrest...Same dumb story but this time it is USC's Kenny Davis who was arrested recently. Bad choice by the young man. Hope he and others grow from it. Tired of seeing this stuff.

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