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South Carolina Football Goals for 2012 (Fan Take)

The South Carolina Gamecocks are poised for another great season in Columbia and on that should get a smile from Coach Steve Spurrier. It is amazing how far he has taken this program and the direction it is heading. As that is stated, you have to wonder what are the goals for this team in 2012. Well, here are my goals for the 2012 football squad:

1. Win the first game. Set the tone for the season and beat Vandy. Always want to get the first notch on your belt and let the confidence begin to build.
2. Win the first home game. You must "protect this house." Again, establish the mindset that this is South Carolina and we do not lose at home from the start. It will catch-on and help down the road.
3. Go unbeaten at home. Yeah, it is a tall order with Arkansas and Georgia coming to Columbia but if they can do goals one through three then right there is seven wins. By winning all the home games, it can translate into getting strengthening the attempt to get to Atlanta for the SEC crown.
4.  Lose no more than one game on the road. Again, no easy task especially with LSU, Vandy, UK, Clemson and Florida on the road. I would love to say go unbeaten outside Columbia too but that is a lot to ask. Imagine if it did happen that way.....ok, back to earth....if USC can manage to lose just one game on the road then the final goals are still in play.
5. Beat Clemson. Always want to beat your enemy. Keep the streak alive and watch Dabo cry.
6. Represent the East in Atlanta. USC has been there before and knows what it needs to do to get back. It would help if UGa and UF stumble along the way.
7. Win the SEC Championship. This is the goal each year. Never been done by a USC football squad. Is 2012 the year?
8. Go to a BCS Bowl. Can the final goal happen?

This covers the goals as far as we see it. Again team goals. Your thoughts?

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