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South Carolina Football Fans Should be Very Proud of the Gamecocks

The South Carolina Gamecocks are ranked No. 3 in this week’s AP Poll and I could not be happier. Simply put, it is “Great to be a Gamecock.”

It has been a long road for the USC football team and for fans of the program. This is the best ranking in the “Steve Spurrier era” and the second-highest ranking in school history; South Carolina reached the No. 2 spot in 1984. Also the Gamecocks have the nation’s longest winning streak at 10 games. Your blogging crew here at LOHD, can recall the 0-11 and 1-10 seasons but now we rejoice. It is great to taste success and to be frank, I desire more. I want the Gamecocks to continue to achieve what we knew they could under Coach Steve Spurrier.

When he took over the program, he had his doubters like Lee Corso that said you cannot win at South Carolina. Well, now he and many are awfully wrong in thinking that. Coach Spurrier has changed the culture at USC and he is not satisfied nor should we, the fans, be. This team is talented, the fans have the passion, recruiting is strong, the facilities are top-notched and now it is time to bring forth a winning tradition at the University of South Carolina.

The South Carolina football squad has won the SEC East, they’ve won 11 games in a season and now it is time to show that this was not because of a down SEC but because this is South Carolina football. This level of competition is what USC football is all about now. So get used to it and for the fans, tell yourself that it is “Great to be a Gamecock” as you too should get used to it also. Welcome to the new South Carolina football program. Be happy with No. 3 but watch out No. 1 as here comes the Gamecocks.

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