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South Carolina Beats Vanderbilt Thanks to Missed Pass Interference Call (Video)

Heading into Thursday night's game, a lot of people felt like Vanderbilt might give South Carolina some trouble. Few were bold enough to actually predict an upset, but even the Gamecocks’ most ardent supporters realized that this outing probably wouldn’t end with their squad blowing out the opposition.  

They were right. South Carolina ultimately won 17-13, but the win didn’t come without controversy.

Down by four with less than two minutes on the clock and potential victory in sight, Vanderbilt’s Jordan Rodgers threw a pretty pass to Jordan Matthews. As Matthews was making his move to get free, however, South Carolina safety D.J. Swearinger hit his arm.

It was a blatant pass interference, but the refs didn’t see it.

And just like that, the game over.

What do you think: did bad officiating cost Vanderbilt what would have been a huge upset win?

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