Source: Tiki Barber to Sign with Pittsburgh Steelers


Plaxico Burress isn’t the only former Giant who will make news this month. According to sources close to, Tiki Barber is set to officially come out of retirement and sign with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Barber’s layoff is even more of a concern than Burress’, as he has not played in the NFL since the 2006 season.

Barber, who was released by the Giants, had also been rumored to land in Tampa Bay, where he could be a teammate with brother Ronde. Yet a source with ties to Barber’s inner circle indicated that he has already proclaimed Pittsburgh as his destination for a possible comeback attempt. Maybe Tiki saw the last installment of the Rocky Balboa series too many times. He would be better off playing the new edition of Madden football in an effort to fan his competitive fires.

There have been reports that Barber keeps himself in fine physical shape, but at 36 years old, in a young man’s game that is notorious for short careers at his position, it’s realistic to think Barber may not even be able to make the Steelers roster. After a failed initial attempt as a broadcast journalist and talk of financial difficulties, the comeback attempt reeks of apparent desperation.

Barber, who had openly drew the ire of ex-Giant teammates with some of his commentary after his retirement, has lost much of the public support he built up as the New York Giants’ all-time leading rusher. He may be thinking that a comeback can not only fill his pockets again, but make him an inspirational figure again. Yet it seems very unlikely that Barber can take the NFL route on a path to reviving his public and personal outlooks. Expect Barber to consider the UFL as an alternative soon, after he does not make it past the preseason with the Steelers.

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