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Sorry Tim Tebow, Brady Quinn to be Broncos #2 QB

It looks like Brady Quinn has established himself as the No. 2 quarterback in Denver.

Reports out of Denver indicate Monday’s practice was as clear an indicator as any that the Broncos will be looking for Quinn to backup Kyle Orton, and not Tim Tebow. Quinn’s depth chart shuffle with Tebow that occurred nine days ago, initially announced as a temporary shift, will become permanent once the Broncos release their regular season depth chart next week.

That being said, Tebow continues to get more work as the Broncos develop and evaluate the quarterback. It’s even possible that Tebow will get more snaps than Quinn again Thursday in Arizona as the Broncos continue to evaluate the controversial Florida product.

They seem to know what they have in Quinn.

Quinn’s transformation this offseason has been remarkable; the first round draft pick has looked better than at any other time in his young career.

Rather than piling on Tebow we’ll give credit to the hard work and effort Quinn put in this offseason; he’s earned his status in Denver. For Tebow, there’s always next year.

Broncos’ Brady Quinn now clearly Denver’s No. 2 QB, but to what end? [Denver Post]


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