UFC 117: Silva vs Sonnen Analysis


The much anticipated UFC 117 “Silva vs. Sonnen” has finally arrived. Not only will MMA fans get great dose of fighting, they will also see if Chael Sonnen can back up all his trash talking as he looks to defeat Anderson Silva on Saturday night at the Oracle Center in Oakland, Calif.

For months, Sonnen has been verbally downgrading the dangerous Silva. He even went as far as labeling himself as the toughest man in the UFC. Whether or not he actually believes what he has been saying or if it was all said to just promote the fight, he will now have to come out on top in order to gain any sense of credibility.

Sonnen feels that he is much different than any of the eleven previous opponents that have fallen to the wrath of Silva. But in all reality, he might have been better off not disarming such a fierce verbal arsenal towards Silva. It seems as though Silva might have been sort of complacent in the middleweight ranks, but now Sonnen has definitely awaken the Spider and that could have tough consequences.

Silva’s defensive wrestling has not been the most impressive and this is an area Sonnen might be able to take advantage of. However, those that have gotten Silva to the floor have also ended up losing the fight. Sonnen is not known for his guard passing and this is why he has been submitted from the guard many times before. He does though bring a fearless and aggressive fighting style to his fights, but this also could prove to not work out so well against Silva.

Silva is the most dangerous Muay Thai fighter in the UFC. He has unbelievable striking power and this is why he has been so successful against take-down minded opponents like Sonnen. He is very good at catching opponents when they try to get to him with his rare timing and knockout power. If the fight stays upright, then Sonnon will be in trouble. His only offense will be to get inside on Silva and unfortunately for him, risk the consequences.

Silva has a lot of motivation for this fight not only from what Sonnen has promised to do to him, but from Dana White has said as well. White has informed Silva that if he does not perform his best then he will be cut and Sonnen has vowed this will happen. However, MMA sportsbooks feel that Sonnon has no shot against Silva. Silva has his moneyline set at -500 as he looks to retain his UFC Middleweight belt. Sonnen enters the fight with his moneyline set at +325.


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