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Son of Nick Van Exel Arrested for Murder

Nickey Maxwell Van Exel has been arrested and charged with the murder of his friend, Bradley Bassey Eyo, in Texas. Yes, he’s the son of former Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Van Exel, who is now a player development instructor for the Atlanta Hawks.

According to police, Eyo’s body was found in Lake Ray Hubbard near Dallas. But, the authorities later found out that the shooting occurred in a house in Garland. The gun was dumped in a nearby creek.

Van Exel’s lawyer claims that this was “horseplay” gone wrong and that the two men were fooling around with Van Exel’s stepdad’s shotgun. He claims that he didn’t know the gun was loaded.

What’s shocking about that last paragraph is that two young kids were fooling around with a gun and it went off, despite the fact that they had no clue (gasp! really?!) that it was loaded. Also shocking is that the son of an NBA player doesn’t have two parents that are married.

Van Exel is being held on $1 million bond (that might be an awkward phone call to dad) and has yet to show up in court to enter a plea.


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