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Someone at Texas A&M Decided to Troll Florida Fans with a Dumb Billboard (Photo)

Texas A&M moving to the SEC is a big deal, but not for the reason that Aggies fans think it is.

Aggies fans think that their squad moving to the SEC is a big deal because a.) everyone will respect them more for going up against quality competition and b.) they won’t be living in the Longhorns’ shadow anymore.

Not exactly.

For most of America, Texas A&M is moving to the SEC is a big deal because it will allow us to watch them get pounded by real SEC teams on a regular basis. And because, hopefully, that aforementioned pounding will shut Aggies fans up for good.

You’re supposed to run from the SEC not to the SEC, dummies.

Anyway, in preparation for their big debut this weekend versus Florida, someone who may or may not have been connected with Texas A&M put up this billboard in Gainesville (via GatorZone):

Image placeholder title

For what it’s worth, the powers that be at Texas A&M released this statement on the matter:

“This billboard was not placed by Texas A&M University, and it is certainly not reflective of how we have handled our transition into the SEC," said Jason Cook, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Texas A&M. "We are investigating aggressively, as we believe that our institutional trademarks have been infringed upon. Texas A&M has tremendous respect for the University of Florida, and we look forward to hosting the Gators in our first SEC football game this weekend.”

It’s not particularly surprising that nobody at Texas A&M wants to claim responsibility for the least funny and/or imaginative billboard ever. The sheer lack of creativity displayed coupled with the surefire whooping that’ll come this weekend would make anyone want to distance themselves.

(Kudos Deadspin, GatorZone)

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