NFL: Eagles LeSean McCoy Still Can't Hold the Ball


Any Philadelphia Eagles fans out there still willing to admit that they are fans of a team that stunk up the joint at home against a Minnesota Vikings team that had a third-string, rookie QB who was drafted to be a wide receiver? No? Didn’t think so.

Of all the problems with the Eagles on Tuesday night, LeSean McCoy wouldn’t be on that list. He’s a very nice back enjoying an excellent year. However, his game needs some work. Specifically, he holds the ball like a total jagoff. At one point in the game, I saw him holding the ball like a water bottle, as though he might take a drink at some point. I’ve heard of holding the ball like a loaf of bread, but he was holding it like he was going Brandon Lloyd it up at some point and start rapping into it.

And Michael Vick isn’t much better. The Eagles have gotten very lucky with these two carrying the ball like assclowns. Once Vick crosses the line of scrimmage, there is no way he can throw the ball without incurring a penalty. So tuck it away! And he seems to have an aversion to getting to the ground, so now you are inviting contact while still holding the ball inappropriately. You can’t live like that.

McCoy did an excellent job picking up the blitz, and that’s huge. As an NFL running back, you won’t see the field if one of two things happen: 1. You fumble a lot, and/or 2. You can’t pick up the blitz.

McCoy looks to be progressing on the latter, but he needs to change how he holds the ball. I’m wondering if the Eagles hired Ted Williams the baseball guy to be their running backs coach. I’m not sure for certain because I haven’t seen a picture, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt because I think the Red Sox guy is dead.

How can this not come up in meetings or in film study? Christ, what is going on over there?


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