There's Actually Someone Out There Who Doesn't Think LeBron Is The Best Player On The Planet

The NBA announced their All-NBA first team today and – as you’d expect – LeBron James made the cut. Most people think LeBron is the best player in the world right now, so his inclusion on the team is no surprise.

What is surprising, though, is that not everyone thought he belonged there.

A panel of 125 journalists vote players onto the All-NBA teams. League MVP Kevin Durant was a unanimous selection, but James was not. He only received 124 votes. 

Since the All-NBA team is comprised of one center, two forwards, and two guards, this means that someone thought James is not even one of the two best forwards in the league. Pretty strange given that James is widely regarded as the best basketball player alive.

So, who left LeBron off the list? Since the voting ballots were made public this year, we have an answer: Chris Sheridan.

Sheridan reasoned that since he voted Durant and Blake Griffin ahead of LeBron on his MVP ballots, they deserve to be ahead of him on his All-NBA ballots too.

“Hey, that’s the way it is in a crowded house,” Sheridan said.

At this point it deserves to be said that voting for someone as an MVP and voting for someone as the best in the league at their position are two different things. Thankfully, reasonable minds prevailed and the other 124 voters placed LeBron on their All-NBA first team.

Here’s the squad:

Center: Joakim Noah (101 votes)

Forward: Kevin Durant (125 votes)

Forward: LeBron James (124 votes)

Guard: James Harden (73 votes)

Guard: Chris Paul (86 votes)

Sources: ESPNSheridan Hoops


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