Should Denver Broncos Switch to Orange Jerseys?


Orange Mania is sweeping across Bronco Nation. Fans everywhere are calling for the Broncos to switch back to the Orange Jerseys.

One ambitious Bronco fan even started a petition at, hoping to acquire enough signatures for the Broncos' Pat Bowlen to take notice.

The fans are not alone, Head Coach Josh McDaniels has also endorsed the idea of switching back to Orange. McDaniels however can't make that decision, Owner Pat Bowlen would have too.

It is starting to look more and more like a real possibility though, as Andrew Mason of writes, "From working in two NFL organizations, I can tell you — what fans say when they come together as a collective DOES make a difference. The teams do hear you."

Earlier this year the NFL announced that, as of April 2012, Nike will be the manufacturer of NFL uniforms. Chances are, if Denver hasn't changed it's uniform by then, they probably will. Shortly after the NFL's switch from Reebok to Nike was announced, Nike's Brand Design President Charlie Denson had this to say in an interview, "We plan on changing the NFL jersey dramatically just like we've done with the college programs, using new thinking and the greatest technology available. The NFL program hasn't had the same type of advancement in recent years." From the sound of that, the Broncos new uniforms could end up looking something like this.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all for it, I would love for the Broncos to switch to the Alternate Orange Jerseys (or create a whole new Orange design). Just consider yourself warned. If the Broncos do make the switch, someday we'll miss the Blue.

Human nature is to always want what you don't have, which, at the moment, is the Orange jerseys. There's a lot of historical moments in Bronco history that involves Orange, and that's part of the reason so many fans are pushing so hard for the Broncos to return to Orange. Another reason however, simply is we've gotten used to (and bored of) the blue jerseys. We've seen the Blue week-in and week-out (every home game anyway). So when the Broncos switch it up and wear alternate jerseys, it's exciting.

In the same way, try to picture seeing the Broncos in Orange each and every week, then to switch things up, they wear alternate blue for a home game. Perhaps I'm only speaking for myself, but I believe that'd be almost as exciting as when the team brings out the Orange Alternates -- simply because it's a change from the norm. After a few seasons, we could be in the exact opposite situation we are right now -- bored of the Orange and looking for something different and historical, like say, maybe a jersey we won two Super Bowls in.

I could be wrong, but I bet you anything I'm not.


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