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Smart or Dumb: Charlie Strong Leaving Louisville for Florida

Yesterday, I posted about the chances of Charlie Strong leaving the Cards and heading back to Gainesville to take over for Urban Meyer. We really only had pure speculation from pundits about potential replacements and given Charlie’s history with the Gators, it was only natural to throw his name out as a candidate.

This morning, there is more information, as opposed to speculation. that has come out regarding Florida’s search for a replacement. We are still very early on in this process and obviously, it’s an extremely fluid situation with a lot to still play out, but here’s what I have found.

What I did was scour the web to try to compile the consensus list of candidates for the job. I looked at national sites, such as ESPN, Sporting News, and Rivals, as well as local Florida sites to try to find the most commonly mentioned names to take over at Florida. Here are the six most common, in no particular order:

Dan Mullen
Kyle Whittingham
Bobby Petrino
Charlie Strong
Bob Stoops
Chris Peterson

There are other names like Jim Harbaugh, Chip Kelly, and Jon Gruden, but those names are more speculation than actual substance, at least right now.

Some writers/bloggers have thrown out rankings of those coaches, in terms of who Florida would go after first, then second, etc, and my own calculations have Charlie listed an average of 4th on those lists. I have no clue about the validity of those rankings, so take them with a grain of salt.

I ask my fellow Cardinal fans this. Assuming for the moment the names I listed above are accurate as the top ones to consider, does that change your trepidation level?

What I mean is, seeing Charlie’s name listed amongst that group of proven head coaches, even though I think most of us believe Charlie is a great head coach, does it seem likely he gets the nod over some of those guys?

Personally, it lowers mine.

It is still my belief, as I said yesterday, Charlie is on Florida’s list, but not at the top. Given some of the names talked about, coupled with the fact Florida is one of the absolute best jobs in college football, I find it hard to believe too many coaches, no matter how good their gig is now, will pass on the opportunity.

Again, Charlie could leave. He’s a fantastic coach, Florida knows him very well, and by all accounts, are extremely fond of him. However, he cannot take the job unless he’s offered it first and it’s my opinion, at the end of the day, someone will take the job before Charlie gets offered.


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