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Soccer Players the Most Selfish Prima Donnas in Sports

There may be 11 players with the same jerseys on during professional soccer games, but it’s definitely not a team sport anymore. Soccer’s all about me, me, me, in the modern era and these guys are most selfish prima donnas in the world of sports. All of the attention has to be on them as individuals not on the team. This has led to some of the most childish behavior ever seen in sporting arenas.

You can witness this in just about all aspects of the game both on and off the field. When a soccer player scores, you’d think he just invented the cure for cancer the way they carry on around the field jumping into the crowd. All teammates are then pushed away as the scorer needs to be in the spotlight, even though one of them has just done all of the work by beating six players and passed the ball over to him for an easy tap in.

The next act of selfishness is when these jackasses take of their shirts even though they know this will result in a yellow card that’s going to hurt the team. Who the hell cares about the team, they’ve just scored a goal and deserve the spotlight. They’re getting paid millions of dollars a year to do their job, but scoring a goal is such a rare occasion for most of them. They don’t care that a yellow card can result in a sending off if another yellow is received. This hurts their team, the manager, and the fans that’ve paid hard-earned money to watch their club win.

When players are substituted during games many of them sulk or throw a fit, refusing to shake hands with their replacements and walking off the field straight to the dressing room instead of cheering their teammates on for the remainder of the game.

We also see players arguing over who’s going to take free kicks and penalties during a game and fisticuffs between teammates on the pitch isn’t uncommon. And let’s not forget the injury faking that goes on every two minutes. In fact, some guys fake injuries to get out of games just because they don’t feel like playing and training and might not return to action until a few weeks later.

Off the field we see players bailing out on their teams as soon as there’s any sign of trouble. Even though Liverpool striker Fernando Torres recently signed a multi-year contract with the club he couldn’t get out of town fast enough once the team started to struggle. He asked to be transferred and his wishes were granted when he was sold to Chelsea. But his reasons for leaving were nothing but selfish. He said he wants to play in the Champions League and realized he wasn’t going to be able to do that at Liverpool.

And he’s not the only one. What about Wayne Rooney of Manchester United? Here’s another guy who recently signed a contract extension, but suddenly realized he could have gotten more money out of the deal. So he did what all self-respecting players would do, which was threatening to quit the team unless his contract was renegotiated again.

Soccer players think it’s their God-given right to pick and choose what team they want to play for. They’re ready to quit their current clubs at the drop of a hat if they can make more money somewhere else or gain some other type of benefit from the move. This is why so many of them put in transfer requests as soon as they know another club is interested.

The players aren’t the only ones either as managers are just as bad. Every time one of them is fired they cry that their owners didn’t give them enough time to succeed. But isn’t this a little hypocritical when they haul players off the pitch and replace them when they’re having a bad game? I’ve seen mangers fired after three years on the job with the same club and then complain after getting sacked.

The skill level and integrity of pro soccer players is quickly sinking to new lows and unfortunately it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

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