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Soccer Player Suffers Painful Testicle Injury, Swells to Size of Handball

Barcelona defeated Getafe 2-0 at the Copa del Rey, the annual competition for Spanish soccer teams, on Thursday.

The game was extra painful for Getafe player Alexis Ruano, who suffered an injury that left him with broken veins in his testicle.

Ruano was taken away on a stretcher during the game, but his coach gave the agonizing details following the match.

"One of Alexis' testicles was like this," said Getafe coach Luis Garcia, while gesturing the size of a handball with his hands, reports

"He has broken some veins," added Garcia. "It's nothing serious. The swelling has already gone down, he should be fine for Sunday. I was shocked when I went into the dressing room, but it's not serious. I'd never seen anything like it."

Ruano will not likely play in Sunday's game against Real Sociedad, notes

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