Australian Rules Football Player Adam Goodes Has Girl Removed from Stadium For Racist Insult (Video)

Adam Goodes, of the Sydney Swans Australian Rules Football team, recently had a young fan removed from the stands for calling him an "ape" (video below).

Immediately after the insult, Swans, an Aboriginal Australian, pointed her out to security guards, who escorted the unidentified girl out.

"To come to the boundary line and hear a 13-year-old girl call me an 'ape', and it's not the first time on a footy field that I've been referred to as a 'monkey' or an 'ape', it was shattering," Goodes told ABC.net.au.

"I just hope that people give the 13-year-old girl the same sort of support because she needs it, her family needs it, and the people around them need it. It's not a witch-hunt, I don't want people to go after this young girl. We've just got to help educate society better so it doesn't happen again."

"It's not her fault, she's 13, she's still so innocent, I don't put any blame on her. Unfortunately it's what she hears, in the environment she's grown up in that has made her think that it's OK to call people names. I guarantee she has no idea right now how it makes people feel to call them an ape," added Goodes.

Police said the girl had been interviewed over the incident, but was released after two hours.

Goodes confirmed that police asked him if he wanted to press charges, but he advocated the girl undergo an education program instead, reported Mediaite.com.

The star player told the Melbourne Herald Sun: "Racism had a face... and it was a 13-year-old girl, but it's not her fault."

On Saturday morning, Goodes went on Twitter to announce that the girl had been in touch and apologized for her actions.

Sources: Mediaite.com, Melbourne Herald Sun, ABC.net.au


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