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Soccer Fans Set Off Flares On Field, Start Fire In Stands (Video)

Police clashed with soccer fans in Milan, Italy, during today's Euro 2016 qualifier between Italy and Croatia.

According to the BBC, the game was interrupted after Croatian fans threw flares onto the field and started a fire in the stands (video below).

''I'm saddened by the fans' behavior,'' stated Croatia coach Niko Kovac, according to Fox News. ''I already apologized on the pitch and I apologize again, to everyone. I'm sorry."

''I didn't know what to do," added Kovac. "I don't have words now. There were kids there. This is not football. This is not a fair image of our country or our people.''

Players left the field for 10 minutes as smoke filled San Siro Stadium, noted the Sydney Morning Herald.

The game ended in a 1-1 tie.

Sources: BBC, Fox News, Sydney Morning Herald


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