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Soccer Fans Set Fire to Rival's Stadium During Game (Video)

A soccer game in Belgrade, Serbia went up in flames, partially, thanks to some irresponsible fans who decided to start several fires yesterday.

Red Star Belgrade was leading Partizan Belgrade 1-0 early in the second half of the soccer match.

That's when some Partizan Belgrade fans decided to light several fires on concrete terraces in parts of the stadium, reports (video below).

Eventually, the smoke became so thick that referee Milorad Mazic stopped the game at Red Star's Marakana stadium, notes Reuters.

Two firetrucks soon arrived to shoot water up into the stands, while fans cheered and danced around the fires.

Apparently, the stadium has a long history of crowd trouble and there is an intense rivalry between the two teams.

Ultimately, the fire made no difference and the Partizan fans' destruction was for naught as Red Star Belgrade held on to win 1-0.

Sources: Reuters and


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