Soccer Coach Hit by Fan's Snowball, Did He Fake Collapse? (Video)


CSKA coach Stoycho Mladenov was recently hit by a snowball thrown by a fan of an opposing soccer team, Levski Sofia, during a match in Bulgaria.

After being struck by the snowball (video below), Mladenov collapsed during his team's 3-0 win, but some are skeptical if he was really injured that badly.

"Children play with snowballs but I haven't heard of anyone who has collapsed," Vladimir Vladimirov, of Levski Sofia fan club, told the BBC. "It was disgusting to watch, his over-acting was so poor."

However, Mladenov claims he has medical proof of his collapse and is willing to provide it to the Bulgarian Football Union (BFU) if they request it.

According to the Daily Mail, Mladenov asked the BFU to expel Levski Sofia from the top division because of the incident.

"[The Levski Sofia fans] began to throw snowballs at us from the start of the game," added CSKA assistant coach Anatoli Nankov. "We informed the fourth official, but he said that their behavior was normal."

Levski Sofia fans reportedly broke through a part of the stadium fencing in an effort to get on the field, but were stopped by 100 police officers.

Sources: BBC, Daily Mail


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