Soccer Announcer Goes Ballistic When Team Wins (Video)

FC Santa Claus, a Finnish soccer team, defeated Rotuaarin Pallo for a 1-0 win on Sunday, thanks to Jaakko Paavilainen who scored the winning goal.

As the red-and-white team piled on top of each other to celebrate the victory (video below), an unidentified Finnish announcer shared in their success by going ballistic, reports NBCSports.com.

"We're happy to show people that we're in this for fun, but we also take it seriously as you can see from our fine result," said FC Santa Claus spokesman Jouni Toyras, noted The Associated Press.

FC Santa Claus secured first place in the third division, according to 101GreatGoals.com.

The team got their name "Santa Claus" because they hail from Rovaniemi, which is near the Arctic Circle, where snow falls from October to April.

Sources: NBCSports.com, The Associated Press, 101GreatGoals.com


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