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Classless: No Yankees Attend Bob Sheppard's Funeral

According to reports, the only Yankee to make it to Bob Sheppard’s funeral yesterday was Brian Cashman. There was a fatal accident that caused a major traffic jam, however, no player has come out so far and said they were stuck in traffic. Even Derek Jeter, who is the only Yankee to have Bob Sheppard’s intro of him on tape and played prior to each bat, was in Tampa visiting his family and couldn’t make it.

The Yankees are considered the “classiest” franchise in American Sports…or rather they were.  Even I, as a Yankee fan, find myself utterly dismayed at this. Bob Sheppard was part of Yankee History for 56 years and even has a plaque in Monument Park. Why the Yankees, who should’ve all been in town getting ready to start the second half of the season against the Rays tonight in Yankee Stadium, couldn’t be bothered to go to Mr. Sheppard’s funeral is beyond me. It’s not like the funeral was in California, with them having to be back in NY on Friday it was at Staten Island; even that wouldn’t be good enough excuse – the Yankees as an organization managed to all go to Thurman Munson’s funeral in Ohio and still make it to the stadium to play in a game later that night.

Yes, the All-Star break is the only 3 (or 4) day break these players will get all year and they need the time away. However, there is just no excuse for any Yankee player or employee to miss Mr. Sheppard’s funeral. Tonight they will be wearing patches honoring Mr. Sheppard and Mr. Steinbrenner. In this writer’s humble opinion, not a single player should wear Mr. Sheppard’s patch because honoring someone goes beyond just wearing a patch, you should also attend the funeral.

According to the Yankees, no player bus was chartered by the team, so the rumor of a player bus getting stuck in the traffic jam is false. My question to the Yankees organization is why wasn’t a bus chartered, especially seeing how Cashman himself managed to get to the funeral to deliver the eulogy? 

For shame Yankees players. For shame on every one of  you. I just hope that Karma doesn’t come back and bite them for skipping the funeral.

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