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NCAA Basketball Preview: Ohio State vs. George Mason

With a 75-46 win over Texas San Antonio, the Buckeyes will cruise on to the third round. And honestly, that’s probably the largest margin of victory by a home team

The Quicken Loans Arena has seen in quite a while. The Bucks gained the lead after the first T.V. time-out and never looked back. OSU went on ridiculous runs, fired on all cylinders and looked more than deserving of their no. 1 seed with this Buckeye blow out.

The first thing UTSA Head Coach Brooks Thompson said in his post-game press conference was, “Wow. They’re good.” I think it’s safe to say that was the theme of today’s match-up. And like Sullinger said in his post-game interview after the close OT win against North Western, “It’s on to the next on.”

The Buckeyes will play 8th seeded George Mason in the 3rd round in the Q. It will be the first time the two teams have played since 1996. And if you’re as clueless about who the heck George Mason University is as I am, I’ve included a few fun facts about the George mason Patriots..

-35,000 students (about half of OSU’s student body)

-Main campus is located minutes away from Washington D.C.

-Campus life consists of 200 clubs and organizations (OSU has 1,000+ to give you a bit of a comparison)

-The University is named after one of the United State’s founding fathers, George Mason. George Mason was known for creating a model of the first 10 amendments of the constitution (The Bill of Rights)

-There is a huge statue of George Mason on campus and it is said that if students rub George Mason’s toe before an exam they will have good luck

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