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Carolina Panthers Won't Trade Steve Smith, DeAngelo Williams

There has been recent speculation (and for good reason) that the Carolina Panthers could trade speedy but best-years-are-behind-him Steve Smith before the trading deadline. Jimmy Clausen can’t make good use of him. And Matt Moore couldn’t either before he got concussed.

But, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that it ain’t happening. Sources tell Schefter that they will not trade Smith “under any circumstances.”

And that makes perfect sense. When you are 0-5 and look like a god damned high school team every week, you need to hold on to your play makers who get targeted three times a week and end up with a pair of catches for 32 yards. You can’t put a monetary value on that. Who needs future draft picks to build a competitive team when you can hope that Steve Smith can scrape together a touchdown in a 30-point loss? Not the Panthers, that’s who.

The source also told Schefter that DeAngelo Williams isn’t available via trade either. And that makes even more sense. Wins aren’t nearly as important as having two first-round draft picks in your backfield. In football, it’s just not important to build a defense or have a tremendous starting QB. You need those two first-round running backs or you’ll never get anywhere. Without them, you could end up 0-5 or something. Can’t have that.

Bravo to the Carolina Panthers. They may never be remembered for their Super Bowl titles, but everyone will remember their integrity for sticking to their guns.


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