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Does Sylvester Stallone Deserve Boxing Hall of Fame?

Yo Adrian! Sylvester Stallone was officially inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame yesterday.

Yup, you heard it right - Rocky will join the likes of Muhammad Ali, George Foreman and other men who, you know, actually got into the ring and boxed.

Stallone, who burst onto the sports movie scene in the role of underdog boxer Rocky Balboa wrote all six “Rocky” movies, and for that, earned the “Lifetime Cinematic Achievement in Boxing” award in 2006. He also directed the third, fourth and sixth installments of the classic film series.

The decision to select Stallone has been met with mixed reviews.

Some point out that Stallone’s portrayal of Balboa in the “Rocky” series brought more attention and respect to a sport that had begun to dip in popularity among the American mainstream audience.

Others argue that to induct an actor -- who played the fictional role of a boxer in a movie -- is akin to inducting Woody Harrelson into the bowling Hall of Fame for his role in “Kingpin” or Adam Sandler into the NFL Hall of Fame for his work in “The Waterboy.”

Both sides present fairly valid arguments. However, to be fair, no other sports movie really had the type of impact that Stallone’s work had.

Where do you weigh in? Did Stallone deserve the honor of being inducted into the boxing Hall of Fame?


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