Sleepy Royals Fan Dreams Right Through The Game's Biggest Moment


The Royals and the A’s got the MLB postseason started in thrilling fashion last night. Down 7-3 after the sixth inning, the Royals scraped their way to a tie in the ninth before winning 9-8 in extra innings.

Anyone present at Kauffman Stadium or watching from home can tell you: the energy in this game was unbelievable. The Kansas City faithful were loud. Super loud. A’s outfielder Sam Fuld even credits the crowd with causing the 12th inning collision between him and Johnny Gomes that led to Eric Hosmer’s triple.

"Unfortunately I don't think there was any communication," Fuld said about his crash with Gomes. "It was just too loud. I yelled, but it was just so loud that we could be right next to each other and not hear each other."

But even in the midst of ear-splitting cheers, there laid one Royals fan fast asleep, dreaming of the very thing that was about unfold in front of him:

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That’s one expensive dream, man. 

H/T: Deadspin


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