Sixers Iguodala Out Until Mid-January

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Good news for Philadelphia Sixers fans who follow the team closely, non-All-Star guard/forward Andre Iguodala will miss the next five games because of his right Achilles tendinitus.  He was listed as day-to-day, but coach Doug Collins wanted to give him extended rest so the foot can heal. 

The injury has been bothering Iguodala all season, but more importantly, his play has been bothering Sixers fans all season.  His Achilles injury seems to have a direct effect on his poor decision making and taking unneccesary three-pointers with 20 seconds left on the shot clock (or when there’s nobody under the basket to rebound).

Despite the negative vibe I’m giving, I will reveal Iggy does lead the NBA in missed shots that bounce hard off the rim and into the cord above the backboard.  This doesn’t equate to points, but the whistle blows, time is stopped, and his teammates get a much-deserved rest.  You can’t coach this, Iggy just knows when the team needs him.

The Sixers have proven during this young season they can play and win games without Iguodala on the court.   As the Feb 24th trade deadline approaches, all eyes are on Ed Stefanski to see if he can move the Olympic B-Teamer.  A nice collection of expiring contracts would be nice, unless it’s Samuel Dalembert’s.


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