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Sixers Fire Coach Eddie Jordan; GM Ed Stefanski Next?

The Philadelphia 76ers have done what everyone hoped they would do months ago. They have fired their head coach Eddie Jordan. OTR thinks that GM Ed Stefanski should be hitting the bricks soon too. After all, he’s the one that thought Jordan and his Princeton offense (which is predicated on passing and jump shooting) would be a fit for this current roster.

“What I thought would happen, did not occur,” Stefanski said. “The decision was not the right one.”

What did you think would happen, Ed? It was a mismatch from the beginning. What jump shooters do the Sixers even have on the roster? Andre Iguodala is an elite athlete who just doesn’t have a natural talent for the game of basketball. The only reason he’s been able to play at the NBA level somewhat functionally is because of his athleticism. He certainly can’t knock down jumpers with consistency.

Lou Williams? Allen Iverson? Elton Brand? These guys don’t have games that fit with one another at all. Throw in a coach in Jordan who has a system that doesn’t fit and you get 27 wins in a season.

Oh, and Jordan constantly called out his team after losses for playing with no heart or intensity. OTR spoke with one Sixers player this season that was befuddled at what was going on. He didn’t like Jordan or his system and said that no one had a clue what the hell was happening.

The best move for the Sixers right now is to let someone else besides Stefanski pick the next coach. He gets an F- for his selection of Jordan, who they will now be paying for several more years.


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