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This Six Year Old Girl Is Already Ridiculously Good At Skateboarding (Video)

What were you doing for fun at five years old? Clumsily running around a yard? Trying to throw a baseball four feet? Whatever it was, I can guarantee you weren’t as good at it as this little girl is at skateboarding.

Her name is Sky, and she’s just six years old. Despite her age, Sky is already a better skater than 99% of the world will ever be. Video footage of Sky tearing up a California skate park surfaced this week, and everyone who watches it can’t seem to believe their eyes. This girl is super talented. Seriously. I’d break my face open if I tried any of the moves she pulls off with ease.

Here are two videos of Sky doing her thing at skate parks. Something tells me this won’t be the last time we hear about this little one:

Source: YouTube (2)


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