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Should the Los Angeles Lakers Bring Back Derek Fisher?

Derek Fisher is available to return to the Los Angeles Lakers, so says ESPN's Marc Stein.

So a lot of these Laker fans, the same fans that railed him in the last year or two, want him back. The NBA season needs to start now because this is ridiculous.

Anybody with eyes knows that Derek Fisher played poorly last year. Since he's Kobe Bryant's BFF, a lot of these fans want him back. But let's get realistic here; why would the Lakers want him back? And how would they get him back?

Steve Blake and Chris Duhon are lined up behind Steve Nash at the point guard slot. Not to mention that Darius Morris is there as a fourth point guard. That means teams would have to take two of those three off their hands and, for various reasons, I doubt that's going to happen. For what? To make room for a guy who is about 53 years old and has fallen off pretty badly in terms of basketball skills? Yes, he can still make the clutch shots in the waning seconds of games but don't the Lakers have enough options for that?

And then what if the Fisher we have seen in the last few years plays the same? Those same Laker fans that wanted him back, the ones that railed him in the first place, will turn their backs on him just the same. It's really just a waste of time and too much of a hassle for what? Nostalgia purposes? The idea of having him back as the clutch player fans remember is so much better than the reality of trying to play a guy Laker fans hope that can relive his glory days but will ultimately fail because some people can't come to terms that he has diminished skills on both sides of the court. And for crying out loud, the Lakers have Kobe, Pau Gasol, Steve Nash, and Dwight Howard. Yes. Let's TRADE Steve Nash so the Lakers can make room for Derek. Some people just can't be happy with what they have.

Some Laker fans want Derek Fisher back? The best idea is to have him be next to Kobe Bryant as an assistant coach.

Other than that, you Laker fans that want him back? Let it go. Accept that some things just aren't meant to be.

Rey-Rey is the founder and editor of The No-Look Pass. You can find his work here and at Forum Blue & Gold from the ESPN TrueHoop Network. You can also find his charm on Twitter at @TheNoLookPass.

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