Should Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. be Punished for Positive Marijuana Test?

I’m not here to debate whether or not weed should be legal. I really don’t care. But I think this Julio Cesar Chavez thing is both hilarious and ridiculous at the same time.

Chavez, a boxer, lost by decision to Sergio Martinez on Saturday night. Then, as it turned out, Chavez tested positive for marijuana. The boxing commission is now thinking about taking away all the money that Chavez was paid, suspending him or even revoking his boxing license…for weed.

Am I missing something? They’re lumping marijuana in as a performance enhancer, which is a lot like lumping fat in as a vegetable. This Chavez fellow was not jumping around the ring any faster because he was stoned, I promise. If anything, he probably wanted to eat Martinez’s gloves because he thought they looked like big tomatoes.

This quote by Bob Arum is nice too. The Top Rank promoter apparently likes to get high here and here:

“The  by Text-Enhance">commission let (Top Rank’s Carl) Moretti know (Tuesday) night that he tested positive,” Arum said. “I can’t really get excited about it. There’s no promoter in boxing who could pass the marijuana test, including myself.”


But hey, let’s definitely suspend Chavez for smoking a little weed and then losing, because the competitive advantage he gained was huge. Just imagine how quickly he would have been knocked out if he wasn’t high as a kite during the fight. It was the weed that kept him going as long as he went, because weed definitely doesn’t make you want to sit around and not do anything. Nope. The most common affect weed has on people is making them want to go through a 12-round boxing match. Got it.

Suspend the man for the rest of his life. Send a message that performance enhancers – like the dastardly marijuana plant – are not tolerated in the boxing community.

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