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Should Jets Start Geno Smith over Mark Sanchez Right Away?

At this point, it’s hard to tell who is more sick of who: Mark Sanchez of the Jets, or the Jets of him?

After back-to-back AFC Championship game appearances, “The Sanchize’s” ship has sailed. Really, at this point, his contract is the only thing keeping him in the Big Apple.

If the Jets releases Sanchez it costs them a cap hit if $12.35 million this year and $4.8 next year. That makes keeping him on the roster, whether he is the starting QB or a backup, a much wiser move for “just” $8.25 million that he is in line to receive for this season.

You could do a lot worse than having him as an expensive backup. Quarterback depth around the league is at extremely low levels. When you look around the NFL at other team’s backup quarterbacks, the Jets are suddenly in an enviable position, especially considering how many starting quarterbacks miss games due to injury during the season. And I didn’t even mention Tim Tebow.  

Sanchez needs a fresh start in someplace other than New York to re-energize his career and the Jets need a fresh start with a new face at quarterback.

Many scouts considered Smith the most talented QB in the 2013 Draft. And after a draft slide to the second round, has the most to prove of any pick in the draft.

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