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Should Cowboys Give Tony Romo an Extension?

He didn’t take you to the dance, but he’s the best you got. Like it or lump it Dallas, you’re stuck with Tony Romo for the foreseeable future. For this reason and many more, Jerry Jones has to work out a contract extension with Romo and he has to do this fast. It almost seems silly that a team that hasn’t made the playoffs since 2009 has a window to contend, but as odd as it sounds this roster really does. It’s not going to stay open very much longer though.

This article doesn’t intend to justify or make excuses for Romo’s history of failing when it matters the most. Even the biggest Romo apologists stopped doing that after his week 17 winner takes all loss to the Redskins. You could almost epitomize his career with that interception in the two minute drill.

The fact of the matter is Romo is the only reason the Cowboys even had a chance of making the playoffs. Rob Ryan’s defense was porous (imagine that), his receivers were either out with injury or playing hurt and he had no help from any of the supporting cast - be it from his offensive line or the ground game. It’s one of the weirdest compliments I’ve ever dished out, but odd as it sounds Tony Romo really is the best non-elite quarterback in the league.

The main reason Romo and the Cowboys need to work out an extension isn’t even to find room for free agents. This team needs to find a way to get below the cap, and if by some miracle they do, try and sign Anthony Spencer. As good as Romo is (depending on which week he’s playing) his play is not commensurate with his nearly 17 million dollar cap hit. It’s not nearly as absurd as the contracts players like Orlando Scandrick, Miles Austin, Doug Free and to a slightly lesser extent Jay Ratliff were given, but it carries a larger cap hit. And the merits, or lack thereof, of their contracts are an entirely new article in themselves.

Tough decisions lie ahead for the Dallas Cowboys and their full time celebrity owner, part time senile general manager. They are currently over 18 million above the cap next season. Getting Romo an extension is a start, but just that. Expect this offseason to bring a lot more change for “America’s Team”. Firing Rob Ryan was just the beginning. No matter how overdue.

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