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Should the Chiefs Acknowledge Jovan Belcher Today?

After JFK was assassinated in 1963, the following Sunday’s games were played as scheduled. Then-commissioner Pete Rozelle later cited that was the biggest regret of his distinguished career as commissioner. Paul Tagliabue did not make the same mistake following 9/11. To his credit, against the wishes of many money hungry NFL owners, Tagliabue postponed games the following weekend.

While you may not view either of those tragedy’s analogous to the Jovan Belcher incident in Kansas City, there have been some recent incidences that directly involved current NFL players. Most notably, games weren’t canceled after Cincinnati Bengals wideout Chris Henry and Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor suffered tragic deaths. The fact that games weren’t canceled in those instances however doesn’t necessarily mean that was the right thing to do, but in each case the games did go on.

Frankly, I’m not smart enough to tell you if Sunday’s Panthers vs. Chiefs game should go on as scheduled. To be honest, I don’t know what the right thing to do is. Romeo Crennel, who was one of those that witnessed Belcher’s suicide, along with the Chiefs team captains stated that they want to play. The commissioner is apparently fine with that thought process, and so the game will go on as scheduled.

While the game will be played as scheduled, when the Chiefs take the field, there better not be any type of honoring or recognizing of Jevon Belcher on Kansas City uniforms or in Arrowhead Stadium. That cowardly son of a b---h doesn’t deserve it. I didn’t know Jovan Belcher, but I didn’t have to know him to tell you that his legacy isn’t deserving of anything other than finding him a place to eternally reside that doesn’t inconvenience society in any way. Frankly anyone so vein as to voluntarily leave a child with no mother and father doesn’t deserve to be with us anyway…

The fact that he took his own life means he was a coward. The fact that he took the life of the baby’s mother means he was an a--hole. I don’t care what the reason was that he killed Kasandra Perkins, even if she did something that was wrong or she upset him, it doesn’t matter. No matter what the reason, if he was that pissed off at her he could have and should have walked away. He wasn’t even married to the baby’s mama, he wouldn’t have even had to file for a divorce. He should have just left if the circumstances were in his view, “that bad.”

Honoring Jovan Belcher in any way, on uniforms, on the scoreboard or with signs in the stands will do one thing and one thing only; it will make me puke. If they want to honor someone, honor Kasandra Perkins or the young parentless daughter…

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