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Should Cam Newton be Fined for Bumping Referee Jerome Boger During Panthers vs. Raiders?

NFL players are usually defined on the basis of how successful their teams are relative to the expectations they have to live up to.

When Cam Newton first entered the NFL and nobody was quite sure what he was capable of, his record-setting rookie performances endeared him to most football fans. This year, when the Carolina Panthers started off 2-10 after some touted them as darkhorse Super Bowl contenders, all of the praise and love turned into questions about Newton’s character. He pouted too much. He got too sad after losses. He was petulant.

Later in the year, when Carolina went on to win five of six games, all of the criticism magically dissipated, too. Suddenly, Newton was back to being a good guy again.

The truth of the matter is, of course, like everyone else, Newton is a complex being. He has his good attributes and he has his bad ones. Defining him as just one thing or just another thing is a weird attempt at simplifying something complicated.  

During this Sunday’s showdown between the Oakland Raiders and Panthers, Newton didn’t get a call he felt he should have gotten. And when he didn’t get that call, he proceeded to do this (via Business Insider):

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After the bump, some questioned whether Newton’s action was intentional or not. Those folks got their answer after the outing.

Cam Newton apologizes for his actions toward Boger, saying he got caught up in the heat of the moment. Said he also apologized to Boger.

— Joe Person (@josephperson) December 23, 2012

Over the past two years we’ve gotten to see Newton from all sides – good, bad and ugly. What happened yesterday falls into one of the latter two categories.

What do you think: should he be fined for bumping Jerome Boger?

(Kudos Business Insider)

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