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San Jose Sharks Defeat Red Wings, Advance to Conference Finals

The Red Wings had a rough time outlasting the Phoenix Coyotes, though they did manage a Game 7 victory over their adversary. Facing hardship with the 4th seed, the 5th seeded Wings managed to move into the semi-finals to play the number 1 seeded San Jose Sharks.

Their frustration did not end in the quarter-finals, however. The Red Wings had struggled in the early games, giving up just one more point than the Sharks. The middle of the series had almost brought some reprieve, as regulation play ended with a 3-3 tie. The Sharks won this game in over time.

After game three, the Wings made a striking turn around. Taking game four with a 7-1 victory had given the Wings and their fans a glimmer of hope. This glimmer faded to a flicker in gave five, when the Sharks had taken a 2-1 victory over the Wings, thus finalizing the series.

With a team full of new faces and a season writhe with injury, the Red Wings had barely managed play off contention. Having been outside of the play off bubble for much of the season, the Red Wings had a rough time even getting into the play offs.

San Jose will be making their second appearance in the third round of the play offs. Their first visit to the conference championship game was in the 2003-2004 season, where they lost to the Calgary Flames.

San Jose’s opponent has yet to be named, but the Sharks, backed by rising star Joe Pavelski, are favored to make their name in the Western Conference and perhaps the Stanley Cup Final.

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