Shaq Thompson Won’t Go to USC Because of Twitter, Apparently

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Shaq Thompson is without a doubt the best safety prospect in the nation, and that probably explains why so many schools are head over heels in love with his promise all the while ignoring his somewhat quirky personality. At the same time, as you progress through the college football recruiting process and folks begin to examine, re-examine and re-re-examine whether or not you’re truly ready for the big lights of a top-notch program, your personality quirks will undoubtedly come under some additional scrutiny.

That’s a lesson Thompson is getting live and in full effect these days.

As reported by the good folks at Yahoo! Sports, Thompson recently stirred up some drama while showcasing his unrelenting love of the back-and-forth that Twitter allows when he suggested that he had dwindled down the schools he would consider playing for to Cal, Washington and USC. Understandably, Thompson’s pronouncement that he was considering USC was made with some skepticism.

Shortly after a large portion of his followers apparently told him that USC wasn’t a serious option for him, Thompson announced that USC was no longer a top three finalist on his list and replaced it with Notre Dame. In a later interview with Adam Gorney, Thompson said that Twitter helped him make the right decision:

"That's how it's going to be. I'm the type of person I'm going to keep it real," Thompson said. "I was feeling SC but I'm not liking SC any more. People aren't going to take me seriously so why go there? I'm just being real. I was serious. It's whatever."

So, there you have it. Twitter helped Thompson decide not to consider a school he wasn’t really considering anyway.

Enjoy your safety, Cal. Maybe Jeff Tedford can call his number via DM when he’s officially a Golden Bear.

(Kudos to Yahoo! Sports for the great find)

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