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Shane Carwin's Camp Doesn't Seem too Fond of VADA

Jason Genet, the manager for Shane Carwin (12-2), doesn't seem too excited that Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency (VADA) is taking part in outside drug testing for The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) Finale. Genet believes the VADA is against Carwin and questions their standards.

"There's a conflict when VADA takes the position that they're anti-Shane, but they want to invite him in for an independent test," said Genet to MMA Junkie. "On what basis does it make their test valid?"

Genet said Carwin never agreed to testing from VADA, but he was not opposed to the idea. He continued that Roy Nelson (17-7) never mentioned it while they were taping TUF.

Carwin and Nelson are set to fight December 15 in the main event of the TUF Finale. Both currently serve as opposing coaches on this season of TUF which airs Friday nights on FX.

"To me, it looks like VADA is another opportunistic [organization] that's come along within the sport of MMA to somehow make themselves relevant," said Genet. "I'm questioning where the relevancy coming from. As a manager, it's not that I wouldn't agree with outside testing. I want to know what's wrong with what's currently taking place."

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