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Shane Carwin is Taking His New TUF Coaching Job Very, Very Seriously

Shane Carwin plans on putting 100-percent effort into his upcoming coaching stint on The Ultimate Fighter. Carwin will compete against Roy Nelson, who himself won the show a few years back.

Carwin, however, doesn't plan on playing along with any kind of jokes Nelson may try and pull while on the show. For Carwin, this is a very serious job that he wants to perform well at.

"This will be the first ime in my adult life that I won't be working. I will just be focusing on developing a team to win the show and focusing on preparing to knock Roy Nelson out," wrote Carwin on his own personal blog. "That is my new job and my new passion. I know Roy likes to be the UFC's Jester but he better know this is not a joke for me."

The show returns to FX in September, and will also be going back to the taped format of years past. Carwin and Nelson will square off after the show concludes.

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