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Shane Carwin on Roy Nelson: "I Just Hate the Guy"

Roy Nelson (17-7) might be close to hitting the breaking point of Shane Carwin (12-2) who recently expressed his disdain for the antics of the former winner of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF).

"I just hate the guy," said Carwin on MMA Junkie Radio. "I'll fight him in the street. I don't care. It's hard to like a backstabber."

Nelson has been questioned by fighters from his own his team about his decisions on the show. A recent moment was when Nelson drew straws to see who fought next. Carwin has seemed to have lost his patience with the man he will fight at the conclusion of the season.

"He's a bullsh*ter," said Carwin. "I just wasn't up for it. I didn't want to talk to the guy. I don't like him."

After Friday's episode, three of Carwin's fighters have advanced in the tournament compared to Nelson's two. The show airs Friday on FX starting at 10pm Eastern Time.

Carwin and Nelson will headline TUF Finale on December 15.

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