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Shane Carwin Rejects VADA Testing for the Roy Nelson Fight

Shane Carwin (12-2) will not be taking part after all in the VADA testing when he takes on Roy Nelson (17-7) in two months.

Nelson's manager Mike Kogan tweeted to Bloody Elbow's Brent Brookhouse how Carwin found a loophole in the following tweet.

"@brentbrookhouse this @ShaneCarwin @roynelsonmma VADA thing is been boiling over with too much drama.. Roy wanted additional testing Shane and his management danced around the issue talking about everything but the answer. Today I finally got the answer from Jason that they will not do VADA but will gladly do others. Problem is others aren't offering to sponsor the test and I'm pretty sure Jason not gonna pay. So this was crafty way to get out of blood testing. Either way he getting his ass beat by Roy so it's whatever at this point."

VADA offered to test the heavyweights who will collide on The Ultimate Fighter Finale on December 15.

No reaction from Carwin.

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