Shane Carwin Basically Has a Problem with Everything Roy Nelson Says

When Roy Nelson calls himself just an average person, Shane Carwin takes exception. Currently, the two heavyweights are coaching opposite one another on The Ultimate Fighter. The show begins airing on FX September 14.

Carwin, a former interim UFC heavyweight champion, doesn't agree with Nelson's remarks about himself. Nelson is a past winner of TUF.

"I am this average guy and I've worked my (expletive) off to get to where I'm at, and I started working when I was 15," said Carwin, in an interview with MMAWeekly.com. "My mom raised three boys on her own and we were very poor and I grew up working construction and concrete work, and threw boxes at the beef plant; I did everything just to try to survive. He (Nelson) plays this like he's this average guy and honestly, I don't think the guy's ever had a normal job."

Carwin and Nelson have not grown closer while filming the show. The two will meet in December at the finale episode, allowing them the opportunity to express their intentions with their fists.

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