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Shanahan confirms Redskins offered contract to Westbrook

The Washington Redskins seem to think that Super Bowls are won by signing a ton of cooked RB’s. We can’t really blame them, since they’ve won Super Bowls with the likes of Timmy Smith and George Rogers. Smith wasn’t cooked, but he was never really even prepped for the frying pan. He wasn’t passed his prime, he simply never had one.

Offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan recently said that Clinton Portis is the starting RB “heading into training camp.” That could change of course with the likes of Larry Johnson and Willie Parker on the roster. We don’t know what those two are brining to the table at this point, but we could say the same about Portis too.

So, why not add another cooked RB to the roster? The team had Brian Westbrook in for a visit about a month ago, but nothing happened. Now, it seems that they have offered him a contract.

“We want him to sign with us,” Shanahan said. “Like I said, it could be some great competition. I really like Brian, what he’s done and how he’s handled himself. I’m sure he’s weighing some options. It’s not too far away from home. Any more I can do?”

Whether or not Westbrook cares to be a Redskin remains to be seen. He’s clearly not a hot commodity on the free agent market, but who would want to join that backfield? They could promise him three touches a game?


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