Shameful: Richard Abril Was Robbed vs. Brandon Rios


Last night at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada a robbery occurred of the pugilistic sort. Cuban boxer Richard Abril (17-3-1 with 8 KOs) was the victim of yet another shoddy decision that the sport of boxing has unfortunately become famous for.

His opponent, former WBA Lightweight Champion Brandon Rios (30-0-1 with 22 KOs) escaped the scene with his undefeated record still intact but only from a technical standpoint and certainly not in the eyes of the ultimate arbiters and in the court of public opinion: boxing fans across the world.

There is no bigger fan of Brandon Rios than this author, but last night was not his night. Beginning on Friday with the second consecutive time in which he failed to make weight and was forced to pay a hefty fine, up until the first round of the fight last night, Rios was hardly in top form. Of course, Abril had a lot to do with the events that occurred yesterday.

Richard fought a masterful fight, nullifying Rios’ attack behind a Mayweather-like defense involving the use of his shoulder and geometry to transform himself into quite an elusive target. The frustration began to kick in late in the fight and was clearly evident when Rios began to implore Abril to fight his fight and basically stop being cute and effective. Abril was too smart to take the bait. I scored the fight 9 rounds to 3 for Abril.

Much has been said about American fighters getting jobbed in other countries namely in Europe, but there have also been a plethora of foreign boxers who have suffered an equal amount of injustice here on American soil. Let’s not forget Lennox Lewis getting screwed against Holyfield in their first fight and Ike Quartey’s robbery against the late Vernon Forrest. These judges...

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