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Sex or the Saints: Which Would You Choose?

Sure, you say you love the Saints but just how far would you go if that love were put to the test? Well, if you’re like some British soccer fans, you’d be willing to go all the way…or, not go all the way as it were.

According to a poll by The Mirror, 12% of English fans say they’d give up sex for a year if it would help their team win the World Cup. 10% say they’d dump their girlfriends for a win and 14% say they’d grow a mullet. (Yeah, cause that’s such a stretch for a soccer fan….)

Well, all this talk of sacrifice got me thinking about my team and my love, nay, obsession with it. I remember my desperation in the years leading up to February 7th, 2010. I remember that yearning and believe it or not, it didn’t die when the Saints won the Super Bowl. I crave a repeat. So the question remains: what would I give up for a year to get it?

For the Repeat:
My all time favorite dishes: Shrimp po-boys from Zimmer’s and Houston’s Veggie Burgers
My obsession: Shoe shopping
My secret obsession: Facebook
My “get drunk” drink of choice: Apple Martini
My guilty pleasure: The Real Housewives of New York
My favorite past time: Pedicures (I pity the fool who comes near my feet after month 2)

Before the Saints won the Super Bowl:
A kidney
Any other non vital organs
My prized shot glass collection
…and proteins
…and dairy…
and fruits.
Oh, and air

(Does that leave anything? Who cares, GEAUX SAINTS!)

So what about you, sports nut? What would you give up to make your team a champion?


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