Seth Goldstein, 17, Stops Midway Through Race to Save Fallen Competitor

Proponents of winning at all cost may want to divert their eyes.

If you are of the mind that kids today are not competitive enough and don’t have the cutthroat attitude necessary for success in this cold, hard world, this story will only reaffirm you beliefs.

You have been warned.

Seth Goldstein, 17, is a senior at Cooper Yeshiva High School in East Memphis. He’s apparently a pretty athletic kid – a member of both the basketball team and whatever cross country grouping his school has. On any other day, if his name was in the press, you would naturally assume that that it was either for something he did academically or something he did athletically.

Not today. Today he’s in the headlines for doing something that's really, really cool.

While participating in a cross country race recently, Goldstein spotted a fellow competitor fall to the ground. Rather than just ignoring him like the other kids had, Goldstein paused, and then he made his way over to him.

"His lips were turning blue and his eyes were rolled back in his head," Goldstein told the Commercial Appeal. "I was terrified. But then I thought to myself, freaking out isn't going to help any here."

Of course not, he was only surrounded by other people who could have, but didn’t do what Goldstein ultimately opted to.

What happened next was pretty standard: Goldstein had a parent call 911, he comforted the guy that had fallen and he waited with him until help arrived. But all of that stuff doesn’t matter as much, really. It was that initial act of stopping – that’s what makes this incident special.

It turned out that the kid who had fallen suffered a seizure from the heat. Goldstein waited with him, patiently, until the EMTs arrived. And once everyone was done and he knew everything was okay, he did the only thing left to do – he finished the race.

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