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Seriously, What’s Your Problem with Heat’s LeBron James?

The Daily Heat recentlyran a story about LeBron James’ plummeting popularity. According to a Q Scores Company poll of the general population, James had a 15 percent positive score and a 37 percent negative score.

His popularity essentially took a 77 percent hit from its peak when 24 percent of people saw James in a positive light and 22 percent saw him in a negative light.

While everyone can acknowledge James has developed an annoying quality in recent months, should he really be as disliked by the public?

To put things in perspective, James is currently the sixth most disliked athlete in sports. He’s ranked behind Michael Vick, Tiger Woods, Terrell Owens, Chad Ochocinco and Kobe Bryant. For those unfamiliar with how these guys’ resumes, here you go:

Michael Vick – Convicted dog-killing felon whose professional career can be best described by the words “never lived up to the hype.”

Tiger Woods – Serial cheating nympho.

Terrell Owens – Dramatic prima donna. His picture is in the dictionary under the words “horrible teammate.”

Chad Ochocinco – Changed his last name to “Ochocinco.” Enough said.

Kobe Bryant – Accused rapist, confirmed adulterer and major narcissist.

Now, looking at this list, should James really be sixth? What exactly did this guy do to warrant such a major backlash against him?

Look, his exit from Cleveland was anything but graceful. Some (read: The Daily Heat) may have referred to it as a symbolic middle finger to Ohio when he went on national television and said he was taking his talents elsewhere. However, the act should hardly place him in this type of "evil" company.

Prior to his not-so-elegant dismount from Cleveland, James put seven years of his life into winning a championship with his (sort of) hometown. He experienced highs and lows, and legitimately did everything in his power to turn the Cavaliers franchise from a joke into a serious contender.

It didn’t work out. It happens. But...

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